The first was released in

The first device to be described as a “smartphone” was the R380, invented in 2000 by Ericsson. The iPhone was launched 7 years later.

The first portable MP3 player was called the Audio Highway and was released in 1996, five years before anybody had ever heard of the iPod.

The first tablet computers were conceived in the fifties, although you could argue that the idea of a tablet computer really came to prominence in 2000 when Microsoft made an effort to popularise the devices. The iPad was launched in 2010.

The first personal computer based on a graphical user interface with a mouse was released in 1973 by Xerox, ten years ahead of Apple’s Lisa (the company’s first computer to use a graphical interface).

Steve Jobs was a brilliant man who made an outstanding contribution to the technology industry and helped shape the modern world, but he did not invent any of these things.