a roof over

I know planning laws exist for a good reason and everything, but I’ve got a lot of sympathy for the residents of the Dale Farm camp that Basildon council wants to tear down.

Housing in the UK is beyond fucked up. It costs a fortune to rent, never mind buy, a place to call home, and most people seem to think that perpetually rising property prices are in some way a positive thing. When any other cost of living rises, even slightly, people start grumbling about Rip-Off Britain, but when the cost of putting a roof over your family’s head starts to climb, people whoop and cheer like it’s raining money.

The only people who win are the banks. You have to borrow more to buy a home, you pay more interest, you spend more of your life working for the bank instead of yourself. More expensive property also equals higher rents – there is no cheap alternative. You get poorer, the bank gets richer. But still we think this is preferable to living in a world where decent homes are affordable.

The travellers have got the right idea if you ask me – instead of getting sucked into a lifetime of usury, they get a good deal on some land and build their own homes. But people fucking hate them for it. The prevailing attitude about this story (especially amongst the vile nimby, Daily Mail, middle England crowd) seems to be “The rest of us have to spend our lives as downtrodden wage-slaves getting arse-raped by the bank every month, so what the fuck gives those gypos the right to do as they please?”

Good luck to them for having the balls to opt out of a shitty, unfair system, I say. If it was even vaguely affordable to put a roof over your head any other way, they wouldn’t need to do it.

banking crisis austerity

People say that as you get older, start a family, buy property, make more money, you tend to edge towards the right in your political attitudes. Personally, as all that stuff has happened to me, I’ve found myself leaning even further to the left. In fact, the older I get, the more respect I have for this guy:

Not only does Tony Benn rock a pipe like a total bad-ass, he also comes out with stuff like this:

    “As a minister, I experienced the power of industrialists and bankers to get their way by use of the crudest form of economic pressure, even blackmail, against a Labour Government. Compared to this, the pressure brought to bear in industrial disputes is minuscule. This power was revealed even more clearly when the IMF secured cuts in our public expenditure. These lessons led me to the conclusion that the UK is only superficially governed by MPs and the voters who elect them. Parliamentary democracy is, in truth, little more than a means of securing a periodical change in the management team, which is then allowed to preside over a system that remains in essence intact.”

Pretty ballsy thing to say for a former government minister, especially since he wrote that decades before the banking crisis, austerity cuts and all the rest of it, in 1988.

Business trip

Off to Madrid for the rest of the week. Two questions:

I’ll have one, maybe two evenings to myself – what’s worth seeing?

Any local speciality food/wine I should stock up on?

What’s the maximum penalty for getting caught with a pair of hookers and a few grammes of cocaine in Spain?

I think there’s something in my eye


Just rang home to make sure everything was OK before I head out for drinks with the team tonight. Usually, when I’m away from home, I say a quick hello to the boy and apparently he stares at the phone in confusion before going back to chewing whatever toy is in favour today.

But this time he made the same excited squeal that he usually makes when I get home from work in the evening, and made a passable attempt at saying “daddy”. By some strange coincidence, at exactly the moment this happened somebody started chopping onions in the Madrid office – I couldn’t see where they were doing it but they must have been pretty close judging by how much it was making my eyes water.

Days like today make me really happy that I got pressured into becoming a parent before I was ready.

We want men

Drinking with the girls from the Madrid office, and the conversation turns to what sort of men Spanish ladies like.

“We want men to be like the hairy pig!” explains one of them. Another looks confused, some rapid-fire Spanish conversation takes place, and then she clarifies: “Wild pig! We want men who are like the wild pig.”

The mind boggles.

Anyways. The drinking carried on until 2am, which probably wasn’t my smartest move since I had to get up at 5am for my flight home, and now I have a busy day of presentations and conference calls to get through. Hope wife isn’t expecting much in the way of conversation out of me tonight.

Diet and Nutrition

Most of us suffer from bad health and several diseases almost all throughout the year. This is essentially because of lack of proper diet and nutrition leading to various kinds of diseases and infections that can also be fatal and very harmful for our health. Keeping in mind the various precautions to be taken, the most significant point of consideration is to undertake a healthy diet and a nutritious one too. It is essentially with regard to this issue that furnishes the readers with vital information about how to keep healthy.

To get a healthier life with a more active body mechanism, it is imperative that you give up on bad eating habits that generally includes skipping breakfast, eating before bed, binging, starving, eating while working, eating too fast, not drinking enough water. Besides, there are other valuable advises that can help you recuperate from your bad health and irregular eating habits. Some of these points worth being noted are-:

  • You must slow down on taking carbohydrates
  • A good intake of Vitamin D can help improve breathing for smokers and asthmatic patients
  • Sugar generally contributes in increasing your obesity
  • Skipping meals or eating junk food can adversely affcet your health
  • Try avoiding extra servings and stick to taking mini meals

For maintaining a healthy life style with no traces of psychological or physical ailments, it is increasingly important to include some of the most nutritious food in your daily diets. These food items can be precisely listed as- Cereal and Millet, Pulse, Lentil and Legume, Milk and Milk products, Nuts and Oil seeds, Fats , Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Condiments and Spices, Meat, Poultry and Sea food. Those who have been avoiding healthy and nutrient rich food have very often been victims to serious ailments like-:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Ulcer (peptic or duodenal)
  • Kidney Diseases (like Nephritis or Acute Nephrosis)
  • Heart Diseases
  • Obesity
  • Anaemia
  • Liver Disorders
  • Gall Stones or Inflammation

is therefore a guide to every health conscious person who must indulge into healthy eating as it generally contains such nutrients like energy giving carbohydrates, body building proteins, energy storing fats, protective and regulatory minerals and water.

perkembangan bayi

perkembangan bayi normal adalah jika pertambahan berat badan bayi sesuai dengan grafik pertumbuhan yang ada pada halaman buku posyandu. di buku tersebut dijelaskan tentang pertambahan berat badan bayi normal. pada kesempatan kali ini kita buka diskusi tentang cara menjaga perkembangan bayi tetap normal.

perlu diingat bahwa perkembangan bayi terlalu cepat dapat menyebabkan obesitas, dan mengganggu pertumbuhan anak terutama struktur tulang. berat badan yang melampaui kemampuan rangka menopang menyebabkan rangka menjadi bengkok dan hal ini dapat menyebabkan si bayi menjadi kaki o. oleh karena itu perkembangan bayi normal perlu dijaga sedemikian rupa.

perkembangan atau pertambahan berat badan anak bayi terlalu lambat juga bisa menyebabkan abnormalitas, dimana kekurangan gizi akan membuat perkembangan psikis anak terganggu. oleg karena itu perlu tetap selalu menjaga perkembangan si kecil agar tumbuh secara normal.

untuk bayi hingga 6 bulan harus tetap diberi asi secara eksklusif, bayi sebaiknya mendapat makanan tambahan pendamping asi setelah berumur 1 tahun. jangan takut, sebab dalam asi semua kebutuhan tumbuh kembang anak sudah tercukupi. lambung bayi tidaklah besar, dengan asi seadanya saja mereka sudah kenyang dan mendapat kecukupan nutrisi.

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Skala perkembangan bayi 7 bulan | si kecil
Apr 1, 2014 – Skala perkembangan bayi 7 bulan pada blog si kecil tanggal 2014-04-01 ditulis oleh pringati singa.

In re McBride – Supreme Court Denies Application for Leave

The Supreme Court by a 5-2 order denied appeal in the McBride case after canceling the application argument. The two issues in this case were 1) a violation of respondent-father’s right to counsel and 2) the violation of respondent-father’s right to participate by telephone pursuant to MCR 2.004 in the termination of parental rights proceedings.  The trial court violated the incarcerated father’s right to counsel and right to participate by telephone.  The AG and the Solicitor General confessed error for DHS by recommending reversal in their amicus brief,  but the Bay County Prosecutor did not agree.  The trial court also disregarded attempts by the father’s family to participate and get placement.  Justice Corrigan wrote a well-reasoned decent that was joined by Justice Kelly.

Respondent is the father of three sons who were 8, 10, and 13 years old, respectively, when child protection proceedings began against their mother in September 2006.  The allegations related to mother’s abuse of one of the children.  She pled guilty tot he allegations. Respondent has been incarcerated with the Department of Corrections (DOC) since 2004 on charges of CSC 1st Degree and CSC 2nd Degree (both of which involved a minor).

Although respondent-father had a right to communicate with the court by telephone in order to participate in the child protective proceedings, he was not informed of this right.  He received notices concerning the hearings, but the DHS and the court failed to comply with MCR 2.004 (B) and (C), which require the DHS to move the court to arrange for telephonic communication with a respondent parent through the DOC.

Respondent-fahter’s sister was at the hearings and offered to care for the children.  While the trial court found her to be appropriate, it denied her request on the basis that she lived over an hour away and the DHS foster placement would allow the children to remain in their school district.  The trial court also denied a request for visitation with the father in prison, despite his sister’s offer to provide transportation for those visits.

After a year in care, respondent-mother had not rectified the conditions that led to the children coming into care and petitioners filed to terminate respondent-mother and respondent-father’s parental rights.  At the termination hearing, for the first time the DHS and the court arranged for respondent-father to participate by telephone.  He immediately invoked his right to counsel, but the court denied his request.

On November 7, 2007, the court issued an opinion and order terminating both parents’ rights to their sons.  Respondent-mother and respondent separately appealed, and the Court of Appeals affirmed in a split, unpublished opinion.   Dissenting Judge Gleicher would have reversed the order terminating respondent’s parental rights.  She opined that the DHS’s and the court’s failures to comply with MCR 2.004 and the complete denial of counsel required reversal because respondent’s procedural and substantive due process rights were violated and, therefore, the court’s resulting order “lack[ed] any inherent integrity . . . .”

Justice Corrigan wrote that the trial court’s refusal to allow respondent-father to appear by telephone was a violation of MCR 2.004 and reversal was mandated by MCR 2.004(F).  She did not reach the due process issue because reversal was mandated by MCR 2.004(F).  She wrote that the failure to follow MCR 2.004 was not harmless error as he could have been appointed an attorney and argued throughout the proceedings.

She also opined that termination was not inevitable under MCL 712A.19b(3)(h).  That statute does not automatically authorize termination merely because a parent will be imprisoned for more than two years. Rather, the statute permits termination if the

parent is imprisoned for such a period that the child will be deprived of a normal home for a period exceeding 2 years, and the parent has not provided for the child’s proper care and custody, and there is no reasonable expectation that the parent will be able to provide proper care and custody within a reasonable time considering the child’s age. [MCL 712A.19b(3)(h) (emphasis added).]

She wrote that the statute’s use of the word “and” clearly permits a parent to provide for the child’s proper care and custody although he is in prison; he need not personally care for the children.  In this case, respondent-father could have argued and arranged for placement with his sister.

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Diet Pills for Women – Which One is for Me?

Using the adjusting life-style, most women worldwide are troubled with the trouble of unhealthy weight. When no amount of diet plan manage or routine can help, women of all ages switch towards well-known and far offered diet pills. However, different slimming capsules work differently it comes with an herbal viagra did wonders amazingly in your companion dosen necessarily mean that it’s going to meet your needs exactly. To find out, the correct one to match your ody sort, you will need to 1st get familiar while using the many strategies these capsules perform.

You’ll find 3 sets of diet supplements:

Calorie Writers: These consist of inciters, therefore they quickly improve your rate of metabolism therefore making you use up more calories. But they also normally boost your pulse, blood pressure levels, and anxiety. Normally, the successful ingredient within these products is caffeinated drinks, green tea extract, guarana, or perhaps the biggest 1, the natural solution known as massachusetts huang or ephedra. On the other hand, you’ll find unquestionably girls that have effectively the weight they lost with ephedra or ma huang without having critical unwanted effects.

Diet Pills: These include most of the metabolic rate stimuli in the list above, along with Citrimax (fruits from Garcinia cambogia) and CLA (Cla). Studies show that Citrimax seems to be a safe preference and keeps in check urge for food using some ladies, and may even profit the person never to take back excess fat. CLA also seems to be risk-free and could be useful. A number of the doctor’s prescription fat loss prescription drugs, like Redux, Phen-Phen, Meridia, and Buproprion (or Wellbutrin) operate by reducing the desire for food. But some are associated with significant adverse reactions (including Phen-Phen and cardiovascular control device harm). Normally, utmost weight reduction generally happens in six months of employing appetite suppressants. Studies report that in case your affected individual isn’t going to shed at least 4 fat over 1 month on the special hunger controller, then your certain diet pill is unlikely to support the affected person attain any considerable weight loss.

Compression Blockers: The items prohibit your intestine from diffusing either glucose (Carbs Blockers) or fatty acids (Chitosan), to make sure that really what goes into happens. Carbs blockers are usually created from soy beans or light kidney espresso beans, which seem protected. But studies have shown a loss of profits of real estate agent and zinc on the body, with out established weight reduction. Furthermore, when it works by carrying fat deposits out the trash, you’ll find it could take over the fat-soluble natural vitamins you merely ate (for instance nutritional vitamins A, Deborah, Elizabeth and Nited kingdom).

You can selected any of the above choices, nevertheless the universal reality remains to be that just about any weight loss is ideally suited for when in conjunction with work out and balanced eating habits. Frequently, weight-loss doesn’t occur just as easily or speedily as many of the diet regime support corporations signify. The fact diet capsule comes over-the-counter-top won’t assure that must be safe and sound for everyone. Since they are considered health supplements, the Federal drug administration isn’t going to test out these products, which means you won’t be able to make sure that the label says is really what influences package! Plus, the claim that dieting help is organic or is not a promise of basic safety. The final word of extreme caution says that girls that are with child or nursing a baby must avoid using diet program assists.

Keeping Japan In Our Hearts & Prayers

I have been watching like the rest of the world as Japan goes through the hardships that they are having to endure over the last week. First to be hit by an earthquake. Then to have a tsunami hit on the heels of that earthquake. Now it seems that their nuclear reactors are going to dish yet another tragic event. The whole while they are having to come to terms with the lost of loved ones while dealing with the uncertainty of what is yet to come.

As I watch this all unfold on my local news I can’t help but remember those movies they use to show on the Monday night movie when I was a child. I think I was a first grader when they were aired. I was suppose to be in bed sleeping but would sneak up to watch as they played on our little t.v. Sitting behind my mother’s chair and hoping she would realize I was there.

These movies would scare me to death. I would watch as some act of either Mother Nature or man would set off a chain of events that would inflict suffering on mankind. When I finally went to sleep I would have nightmares about it all. Afraid that some flood/earthquake/tidal wave would wipe me off the planet (Didn’t cross my mind that I don’t live by any true body of water). I would eye Georgia Power and wonder if the whole place would blow up and kill us all (Again logic wasn’t a strong suit of mine at that age).
Now Japan has become a real life tragedy before all of our eyes. Then there is this sense of hopelessness as we watch it all. Knowing that in truth there is nothing we can do to stop it. Those brave souls are working to prevent another crisis. Even as the world predicts their doom.

I want to take this moment to offer my prayers to all those who are going through this right now. I want to let you know that whole world has you in their prayers, Japan. Even if it feels you are alone you aren’t. The whole world is holding it’s breathe and praying that you will overcome everything you have been through. Hold on to the hope and that strong will to survive that you have maintained through this all.

For everyone else please keep the people of Japan in your prayers as they work against all the odds that have been laid before them during this time.